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Thorium fueled
Thorium fueled (12)

08.Feb.2019 Written by

James Kennedy, President at ThREE Consulting & ThREEM3, John Kutsch, President, Thorium Energy Alliance:Heavy rare earths and Thorium are found together in nature. The most common and abundant source of heavy rare earths, Monazite, is currently diverted into mine-waste tailings lakes across the U.S., Canada and Brazil because of its companion element Thorium. The U.S. must address Thorium before it can develop a domestic rare earth supply chain for heavy rare earths. U.S. policy on Thorium is the basis for China’s monopoly control of rare earths. With the creation of a privately funded Centralized Rare Earth Refinery and Thorium Bank the U.S. can become independent in both Rare Earths and Energy.

01.Sep.2018 Written by

Brian Wang: China already generates 60% more electricity than the USA in 2018. China plans to double this by 2030. China wants to increase from 3-4% nuclear power for electricity to 10%. This will mean 300 GW of electricity in 2030. This would be about triple the US generation of nuclear electricity. Starting in 2010, China is now working on two very different thorium based molten salt reactor programs. One is based on liquid fuel, the other on molten salt cooled solid fuel. Both are designed for specific application areas.

20.Dec.2017 Written by

Michel Gay: Une production d'électricité fondée sur le cycle thorium reste un concept séduisant. Mais ses vertus proclamées d'une ressource encore plus abondante que l'uranium (déjà immense avec les réacteurs surgénérateurs), d'une meilleure sécurité, d'une plus faible production de déchets, et d'une limitation de la prolifération d'armes nucléaires doivent être relativisées.

15.Oct.2017 Written by

Walter Horsting, Principal Business Development International: The worldwide abundance of the element thorium promises widespread energy independence through Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) technology. With LFTR, a handful of thorium can supply an individual’s lifetime energy needs; a grain silo full could power North America for a year; and known thorium reserves could power advanced society for many thousands of years. LFTR is based on demonstrated technology with sound operational fundamentals proven by 20,000 hours of reactor operation at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the late 1960′s. LFTR operates at low pressure, is chemically and operationally stable, and passively shuts down without human intervention with a gravity fed drain tanks. LFTR produces safe, sustainable electricity and a range of radioisotopes useful for medical imaging, cancer therapy, industrial applications and space exploration.

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Walter Horsting, Principal Business Development International, leading national and international teams into high profile projects integrating communications, energy, and entertainment: Coal and fossil fuels have lifted mankind out of hard labor and poverty but with an increasingly high environmental cost. The truth about nuclear is quite simple. Only nuclear power can lift all the World’s poor out of energy poverty without keeping cities like Delhi and Beijing caked in deadly particulate matter. The Liquid-Fuel Reactor Molten Salt Reactor (MSR). *Aircraft assembly line production, *Can’t melt down, *Can’t blow up, *Walk-away safe, *One-third the cost to build due to its inherent safety of low-pressure design, * Can make fuel from Thorium.

03.Mar.2017 Written by

James Kennedy, Political Economics and Public Policy, President at ThREE Consulting & ThREEM3: How Wall Street Darling Molycorp Undermined the U.S. Economy, Degraded our National Security and Distorted the Global Economic Balance and How These Falsehoods Continue to be Promoted Even Today.

28.Feb.2015 Written by

Ralph Moir and Edward Teller. Nuclear Technology Vol. 151 Sep. 2005 If the molten salt reactor appears to meet our criteria so well, why has it not already been developed since the molten salt reactor experiment operated over 30 yr ago? The competition came down to a liquid metal fast breeder reactor ~LMFBR! on the uranium-plutonium cycle and a thermal reactor on the thorium-233U cycle, the molten salt breeder reactor. The LMFBR had a larger breeding rate, a property of fast reactors having more neutrons per fission and less loss of neutrons by parasitic capture, and won the competition. This fact and the plan to reduce the number of candidate reactors being developed were used as arguments to stop the development of the molten salt reactor rather than keep an effort going as a backup option. In our opinion, this was an excusable mistake.

27.Feb.2015 Written by

Michel Lung - An independent French overview of the history of developing thorium nuclear power.

16.Feb.2015 Written by

Rob Morse provides a clear presentation of thorium liquid fuel reactor technology without equations. The thorium option needs to be explored. There is so much thorium available.

16.Feb.2015 Written by

This presentation is about advanced concept MSRs. On-going efforts in the USA are planning to use the proven and tested technology that was developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the 1960s & 70s.

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