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Wind and Solar
Wind and Solar (77)

Discusses wind and solar energy today.

16.Mar.2018 Written by, P. Gosselin: Germany’s once highly promoted “Energiewende” (transition to green energies) and the country’s feed-in act have been given a grade of “F” by one of the country’s top economists, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Werner Sinn. Top German economist Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Werner Sinn says supplying Germany’s energy needs with wind and sun is “disillusionment”.

05.Mar.2018 Written by

Vijay Jayaraj, M.Sc. Environmental Science. Research Associate for Developing Countries for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation: In India, record coal production helped the country achieve surplus energy (2017) for the first time in its history. To put it in simple words, wind and solar made no significant contribution to global energy production. They have never done so.

31.Jan.2018 Written by

Scott Bean, Business Development Representative, Steenkampskraal Holdings Limited/Steenkampskraal Rare Earths: Germany's energy policies often get good press highlighting fleeting moments of significant output, negative prices, capacity installation, and more. Rarely does news coverage add context to these stories that allows us to comprehend what the consequences of these events are for consumers, the grid, the environment, the economy, and Earth as a whole.

12.Dec.2017 Written by

Mike Conley and Tim Maloney: This is an excellent detailed, easy to follow analysis of Stanford University Professor of Civil Engineering, Mark Jacobson's claim that the world can acquire all the electrical energy it needs from wind turbines and solar panels. In short, Jacobson's claim is not achievable and a waste of money and time. What are the most important roles of the sun? 1) Heat the planet to livable conditions, 2) Evaporate ocean water, 3) Cause plants to grow and be the basis of the food chain, 4) Cause wind to bring the evaporated ocean water over the land and drop it as rain and snow. Electricity from wind and solar besides being unreliable and unpredictable is extremely dilute. As the authors clearly point out, replacing worn out solar panels on Jacobson's grand scheme would require tremendous amounts of replacement parts every day and the Earth doesn't have easy access to all these materials. The authors point the way with nuclear. Good reading for everyone.

12.Dec.2017 Written by

James Conca, scientist in the field of earth and environmental sciences. Contributor to Forbes: Stanford University Professor Mark Jacobson is the prophet of a religion that claims the world can be fueled by 100% renewable energy. But other scientists better not question him or he’ll excommunicate you. And by excommunicate, I mean sue in court. Jacobson filed a $10 million libel suit in Washington, D.C. Superior Court against another scientist, Dr. Christopher Clack, who dared to criticize him.

10.Dec.2017 Written by

Michel Gay: Les dommages collatéraux de l’intermittence des énergies renouvelables (éoliennes et panneaux photovoltaïques) dans le système électrique européen sont dénoncés par l’Académie des Sciences dans un rapport de janvier 2015. Cette institution souligne le manque de réalisme des objectifs de la loi de transition énergétique. Elle craint également que cette politique soit contre-productive.

06.Nov.2017 Written by

John Hinderaker, POWERLINE blog: Minnesota is a poor place for solar power, so its renewable policies have focused on wind. Minnesota has gone whole hog for wind energy, to the tune of approximately $15 billion. It is noteworthy that demand for electricity in Minnesota has been flat for quite a few years, so that $15 billion wasn’t spent to meet demand. Rather, it replaced electricity that already was being produced by coal, nuclear and natural gas plants. Wind energy is intermittent and unreliable; it can only be produced when the wind is blowing within certain parameters, and cannot be stored at scale. It is expensive and inefficient, and therefore patently inferior to nuclear, coal and natural gas-powered electricity, except in one respect–its “greenness.”

31.Oct.2017 Written by

Matt Ridley is the author of The Rational Optimist and a Member of the British House of Lords: Here’s a quiz. To the nearest whole number, what percentage of the world’s energy consumption was supplied by wind power in 2014, the last year for which there are reliable figures? Was it 20 per cent, 10 per cent or 5 per cent? None of the above: it was less than 1 per cent. Remember this is total energy, not just electricity, which is less than a fifth of all final energy, the rest being the solid, gaseous, and liquid fuels that do the heavy lifting for heat, transport and industry.

30.Oct.2017 Written by

Michel Gay: His career was piloting high performance super-sonic aircraft. Builders of these aircraft would go out of business if that industry was subject to the ridiculous requirements and the unscientific design rules the nuclear power industry has been subjected to. The anti-nuclear organizations also want to get rid of fossil fuels. That will get rid of all aircraft except gliders, your automobile (internal combustion or electric) etc. The photo shows the wind conditions at a fossil fuel or nuclear power plant. The condensate water clouds from the cooling towers are slowly drifting most of the time. The wind is not moving a leaf on the trees. Guess how much electricity those wind turbines are generating. Wind energy is a great swindle in many places, like in the photo. For most of the rest, it will become obvious as soon as they need major repairs or replacement in about twenty short years or earlier if damaged by strong wind or ice storms.

26.Oct.2017 Written by

Hermann Dirr, naturalist, observer of wind industry effects on birds and bats: Cranes, birds of prey, sea birds fly and bats fly through more than 22,000 wind turbines in Germany. In the future, Germany plans to build much taller wind turbine towers with much larger rotor blade area backed up by more coal fired plants. Forget nature, the Real Green thing is Wind Energy!

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