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Nuclear Energy and Science News
Nuclear Energy and Science News (4)

07.Mar.2016 Written by

Kelvin Kemm, CEO of Nuclear Africa - Nuclear power has been in commercial operation around the world for sixty years. It has shown itself to be a reliable and cost effective form of electricity production. Notwithstanding the visible evidence, there has been considerable public fear and suspicion of nuclear technology globally.

Nuclear Africa (Pty) Ltd is a nuclear project management company based in Pretoria, South Africa. It provides a range of services related to nuclear manufacturing and to advancing the construction and fabrication of new nuclear power plants.

16.Oct.2015 Written by

China News: Adding many nuclear power plants will greatly help pollution from far dirtier electric generating plants. This is a great example for the world, in particular for 1st world countries who are abandoning nuclear power for lowest grade fossil fuels, wind, solar, etc.

17.Feb.2015 Written by

Federico Bernal, Director General en Observatorio de la EnergĂ­a, TecnologĂ­a e Infraestructura para el Desarrollo (OETEC): Argentina announces the beginning of commercial operation of its third nuclear power plant, Atucha II and plans for a fourth and fifth nuclear power plant.