Today: 17.Nov.2017
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The Union of Concerned Scientists and people sympathetic with them have come out with another report of the terrible things that people are doing, in one sense mostly in the poorer countries, to destroy the world, the same kind of things that people were doing fifty and one hundred years ago in now the most prosperous regions of the world. While a lot of what they describe is actually happening to a certain extent, the predictions of total destruction and irreversible climate changes for the worst will be proven for what they are in due time. At the end of this article are photos of nature around the world in the last 25 years. Can these photos be reconciled with the doom and gloom in this report? There is snow in most places where there should be snow. There is profound natural beauty in many places.

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Vijay Jayaraj, M.Sc. Environmental Science. Research Associate for Developing Countries for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation: In the Middle Ages, many people created and handed down fairy tales. Today, fairy tales of catastrophic man-made doom are created by a cabal of people with scientific degrees and political and religious leaders. Modern fairy tales won't endure as long as the ones from the Middle Ages. Today's fairy tales about the catastrophes man is causing to the environment, especially with carbon dioxide from fossil fuels will be put in proper light by Mother Nature in due time.

12.Nov.2017 Written by In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a compilation of air quality data across the world and estimated the corresponding health impacts on premature mortality and morbidity – Delhi is among the top 10 for cities with the worst air quality. Air pollution in (urban and rural) India is a growing public concern, and city of Delhi (its capital) is one of the most studied city with a disproportionate share of media attention. Yet, we do not seem to have decisive answers to simple questions like how polluted is the city, what are the main sources, and where to start to control pollution in the city.

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V Ramanathan, distinguished professor of climate and atmospheric sciences and adviser to Pope Francis, Scripps Institution of Oceanography: This study found that an average global temperature increase greater than 3 degrees centigrade could result in “catastrophic” — and over 5 degrees “existential” — threat to humanity.

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Istvan Marko (1956 – 2017) was a professor and researcher in organic chemistry at the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium. CO2 is not, and has never been, a poison. Each of our exhalations, each of our breaths, emits an astronomical quantity of CO2 proportionate to that in the atmosphere (some >40,000 ppm); and it is very clear that the air we expire does not kill anyone standing in front of us. What must be understood is that CO2 is the elementary food of plants. Without CO2 there would be no plants, and without plants there would be no oxygen and therefore no humans. The equation is as simple as that. Our relentless crusade to reduce CO2 could be more harmful to nature as plants are not the only organisms to base their nutrition on CO2

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Ed Berry, PhD in Physics with a focus on atmospheric physics. Dr. Berry’s theoretical PhD thesis is recognized as a breakthrough in the science of rain formation and in the use of computer-based numerical models.: Continued human emissions will not increase the 18-ppm human-caused balance level. They will only maintain it. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm. The human-caused 18-ppm would disappear in a few years if human emissions stopped. Nature’s 392-ppm balance level would remain. The Paris Climate Agreement proposed to reduce worldwide human emissions by 28 percent of 18 ppm, or by 5 ppm. The Paris Agreement would not change climate and would not stop natural climate change.

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The Lancet: This is a collection of articles by The Lancet and others claiming that mankind by its use of fossil fuels is causing catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, climate change and climate disruption. They claim that it is clear that use of fossil fuels is the cause. Others focus on the immediately obvious major challenges facing humanity, the environment and nature. The photo posted with this item is a weather vane in England showing what life was like without fossil fuels. People have to make a decision. Do they elect to follow the Rattenfänger von Hameln or not.

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Michel Gay: La loi sur la transition énergétique pour la croissance verte (LTECV) a été votée le 22 juillet 2015 en conformité avec les engagements du candidat Hollande. En effet, cette loi : - consacre la réduction du nucléaire à 50 % de la production d'électricité, - pénalise le recours à l’électricité, dont plus de 90% de la production nationale n'émet pas de gaz à effet de serre, au profit du gaz (importé), - favorise outrageusement les éoliennes et les panneaux photovoltaïques, - engage un irréaliste et coûteux programme de réduction de consommation d'énergie de 20% d’ici 2030, et de 50% d'ici 2050.

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