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Man-Made Global Warming - Discussing all positions
Man-Made Global Warming - Discussing all positions (154)

12.Feb.2018 Written by

William Happer, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Princeton University - I often hear that since I am not a card-carrying climate scientist — that I, and many other scientists with views similar to mine, have no right to criticize the climate establishment. Few have a deeper understanding of the basic science of climate than I. Greenpeace is one of the many organizations that have made a very good living from alarmism.

11.Feb.2018 Written by

William Happer, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Princeton University - This short, easy to understand video explains why alarmist predictions of catastrophic man-made global warming, climate change, climate disruption based on computer models is not science. These predictions should not be used to make any government sponsored decisions about use of fossil fuels that are so important for people everywhere.

05.Feb.2018 Written by

Javier, Watts Up With That, WUWT: Climate change is a reality attested by past records. Concerns about preparing and adapting for climate change are real. However, the idea that we can prevent climate change from happening is dangerous and might be anti-adaptive. Certain energy policies that might have no effect on climate change could make us less able to adapt.

03.Feb.2018 Written by

Peter Roff, Washington Examiner: Spurred on by trial lawyers and environmental activists, whose political support is crucial for any up and coming progressive, state and local elected officials have been trying to prove as a matter of law that the nation’s energy companies lied for years to their stockholders and to the American people about the possible impact of global warming. They’ve been unsuccessful, largely because the charge is untrue — as several of those who’ve already brought these lawsuits have been forced by the facts to admit.

03.Feb.2018 Written by

Matt Ridley is the author of The Rational Optimist and a Member of the British House of Lords: Record cold in America has brought temperatures as low as minus 44C in North Dakota, frozen sharks in Massachusetts and iguanas falling from trees in Florida. Al Gore blames global warming, citing one scientist to the effect that this is “exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis”. Others beg to differ: Kevin Trenberth, of America’s National Centre for Atmospheric Research, insists that “winter storms are a manifestation of winter, not climate change”.

03.Feb.2018 Written by

Kelvin Kemm is a nuclear physicist and Chairman of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation and Nuclear Africa: The whole global warming and climate change social phenomenon going on around the world is an interesting occurrence in human psychology. It is a mixture of science; psychology; mysticism; politics; and group adherence. The challenge is to separate one from the other.

30.Jan.2018 Written by

Investor's Business Daily: The predictions by hundreds of alarmists that catastrophic man-made global warming is going to destroy the world, aren't going to happen.

09.Jan.2018 Written by

Armstrong Economics: In your view will the next decade be a minor cold blip or “OMG we’re all going to freeze to death and run out of food ?” The answer is yes, we may be facing below normal temperatures leading to food shortages, health issues, and more unrest! The worst may come during the 2020-2024 period.

09.Jan.2018 Written by

Armstrong Economics: Correlating all the data from tree rings to ice cores and sunspot activity, what is clear is that society expands with Global Warming and collapses during Global Cooling. Voting for some political party (left or right) cannot change the climate. Politicians cannot even balance a budget, so how can they play God?

08.Jan.2018 Written by

David Wojick, Heartland Institute, Ph.D. Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic, B.Sc. Civil Engineering:The climate change debate is not about the basic greenhouse effect. It is about what warming, if any, the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration might bring and whether or not it is dangerous. Deming addresses none of this, which is certainly simple, but also useless. He simply equates the increased CO2 concentration with global warming. The validity of this equation is what most of the debate is about, but there is no hint of this in his presentation. It is as if the debate did not exist. He even suggests that this entire issue was settled over 100 years ago, which is simply laughable.

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