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John Tjostem, microbiology, botany, professor emeritus of biology - Will our children and grandchildren inherit a world that has adequate food and clean energy resources to offer quality of life? Here we examine the need to find a clean and abundant energy source to replace fossil fuels. We also consider the premise that clean and cheap fuel may offer a glimmer of hope for disarming the population bomb. The debate over nuclear power will be a major focus.

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Leah Bindfer, Huffington Post - Healthcare in the United States is not safe. One in four patients admitted to a hospital will suffer some form of unintended harm, one in six will get an infection and about 500 a day will die of a preventable error. Healthcare is considered the most dangerous occupation - more dangerous than coal mining or building skyscrapers. One sector worthy of particular attention is nuclear power, an industry where — thank heavens — safety is king. In the wake of the 1986 Chernobyl accident, the leaders of every commercial nuclear reactor across the globe created the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), with the goal of achieving industry-wide excellence.

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Kelvin Kemm, Rosatom, Nuclear Africa - Rosatom presented an nuclear power integrated solution for African countries. ROSATOM gave presentations on the corporation's integrated offer, nuclear education, construction of research reactors and establishment of nuclear technology centers. Similarly, ROSATOM offers its customers an integrated approach to construction of research reactors and establishment of research centers.

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Robert Bryce writes on energy, politics and other topics - There is a clash between the pro-nuclear New Guard Greens, many of whom call themselves “ecomodernists,” and the anti-nuclear Old Guard Greens, led by groups like the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. These "green" "environmentalists" are out to "save the world" some times without regard for humanity. EFN-International and EFN-USA define an environmentalist as ordinary people who are respectful of the environment.

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