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Tom Hartsfield - As the supply of fissile uranium dwindled in natural nuclear reactors in Africa, the regulated fission gradually died down and the sites cooled off. The waste products of that reaction were sealed into the ground. The leftover uranium is actually not very useful for building nuclear weapons. This natural design is at once fundamentally similar to our own reactor designs and totally different in its precise details. But its philosophical importance is very clear. We needn't fear that we are doing the unnatural by harnessing nuclear fission to produce power. Nature itself has run nuclear reactors for a thousand times longer than we have even known the secrets of their power.

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Kelvin Kemm is a nuclear physicist and CEO of Nuclear Africa. South Africa will be building a group of new nuclear power stations to add an extra 9 600 MW of nuclear power to the existing approximately 2 000 MW of nuclear power that is currently generated from Koeberg nuclear power station near Cape Town. This is the only nuclear power station in Africa. Why does SA need nuclear? By far the largest portion of South Africa’s electricity is supplied by coal. But there is a snag - all the coal is in the far north east of the country. The distance from Pretoria, near the coal fields, to Cape Town is the same as the distance from Rome to London. Imagine if London drew much of its electricity from Rome. New nuclear power can be located close to where the power is needed.

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SONE, Supporters of Nuclear Energy has written a review of Wade Allison's book, "Nuclear Is For Life."The activity level 2,000 million years ago was more than twice what it is today. Homo sapiens appeared a mere 100,000 and 200,000 years ago and have always lived within a radioactive environment. Safety regulations based on As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) are not fit for purpose and are dangerous to the economy, the environment and to life and limb. A justifiable safety threshold should be set as high as to do no harm or As High As Relatively Safe (AHARS) rather than ALARA.

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Emily Carey, - Although the U.S. does not produce the greatest percentage of its own energy through nuclear power compared to other countries, it still boasts the highest percentage of worldwide nuclear power, as well as the most operating nuclear reactors. Accounting for about 30 percent of nuclear power generation worldwide, the U.S. is a solid leader in the industry.Nuclear power has become much safer throughout the years and has a proven track record. I feel that it is further along than any other alternative energy source. It has been put to commercial use for longer.

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