Today: 26.Oct.2019
Board of Directors
Bruno Comby (France) - Nuclear Scientist. Founder and President of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy – International, Houilles, France
Daniel Giovansily (France) - Nuclear Engineer. Member of Board of Directors, EFN-International
Kelvin Kemm (South Africa) - Nuclear Physicist. Lead advocate for nuclear power for all of Africa, uses of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine and understanding low-dose radiation. Member of Board of Advisors, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT, Washington, D.C. USA
Kenneth Kok (USA) - Nuclear Engineer. Kenneth specializes in advanced nuclear power technology and recycling for depleted uranium, spent nuclear fuel from Light Water Reactors, and metallic fuel from fast reactors.
Richard McDonald (USA) - Nuclear Physicist. Retired research physicist from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Bernadine McShane (USA), Hospital and Wound Care Management Professional. Three family members have worked with nuclear power or contributed to education about nuclear energy, radioisotopes and low-dose radiation.
Berol Robinson (USA) - Nuclear Physicist. Historical Founder of EFN-USA. Honorary Chairman. Board EFN-USA Board Member of EFN-International
Robinder Sachdev (India) - President of leading think tank in India for international and domestic economic and cultural affairs, including promotion of nuclear power:
John Shanahan (USA) - President, Civil Engineer. Advocate for global public education about widely useful forms of nuclear power, science, technology, medicine, and low-dose radiation.
Sarfraz Taj (USA) - Nuclear Engineer, Manager, Exelon Corporation
Gary Young (USA) - Mechanical Engineer and Engineering Manager

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