Today: 01.Feb.2017

Interest is growing to establish an affiliate of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy in Argentina. Radioisotopes are used in nuclear medicine and many other fields now in Argentina. Argentina has three nuclear reactors generating about one-tenth of its electricity. Its first commercial nuclear power reactor began operating in 1974. Construction has started on a small locally-designed power reactor prototype, CAREM-25. The next two reactors planned are likely to be built by China National Nuclear Corporation. Source, World Nuclear Association. Bruno Comby, President of EFN - International is working with Federico Bernal at Observatorio de la Energia, Technologia e Infraestructura para el Desarrollo, OETEC to establish EFN-Argentina.

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The first nuclear medicine facilities appeared in the mid-1970s and early 1980s in South America, primarily in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, the economic leaders of the Southern Cone. Today there are over 750 nuclear medicine specialists scattered through the region, including 300 in Argentina and 260 in Brazil.

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Argentina announces the beginning of commercial operation of its third nuclear power plant, Atucha II and plans for a fourth and fifth nuclear power plant.