Today: 31.Jan.2017

Rick Maltese, environmentalists and musician: How can we maintain a modern life style in regions that have it, help the rest of the world benefit from a sound economy and modern life style, benefit from use of mineral and natural resources, clean up pollution, promote wildlife habitat and biodiversity? Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy- USA is working for these goals with our priorities. . ECOMODERNISTS, website: is working with their priorities. This is a welcome, broad, practical new approach for mankind, nature and the environment. Let's work together for our home, this precious planet, Earth.

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Dhruv Dharamshi: This is an award winning student paper at the World Nuclear University, Nuclear Olympiad, 2016. This paper addresses using nuclear energy in the fight against climate change. Dr. Theodore Rockwell pointed out that nuclear energy will be very important for humanity for climate change from all sources. Many scientists consider the main sources of climate change to be the sun and other natural sources. This is an outstanding student paper. It advocates employing nuclear energy for many serious challenges for humanity, nature and the environment, not just man-made carbon dioxide.

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Tom Tamarkin: AGW or climate change is not the big problem many claim. Only fossil hydrocarbon fuels and nuclear energy can supply material amounts of energy due to their many orders of magnitude higher energy flux densities than so called renewables. Once fossil fuels are depleted beyond the point of economically viable production there is only one energy source available to provide the Earth’s energy needs. That is the conversion of matter into energy as formulated in the equation E=mc2.

Paul Driessen, CFACT: Hybrid and electric vehicles are not so “green” and “eco-friendly,” after all. Ditto for cell phones, laptops, wind turbines, solar panels, and technologies that utilize batteries, magnets and other components which require cobalt, lithium, rare-earths, and other metals. Many of those technologies trace their ancestry to mines, mining and processing methods, and countries that don’t come close to meeting modern standards for environmental protection, child labor, or “corporate social responsibility.

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