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Richard Zimmermann provides the reader with a book that is complete, describing with great accuracy yet in an attractive and comprehensive style all the technical, methodological and pharmaceutical aspects of nuclear medicine, covering also its diagnostic and therapeutic applications. This book proves to be a valuable information source for our young students as well as for hospital intern specialists. .. ..

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Konstantin German - Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCE RAS), Moscow, Russia & Medical institute REAVIZ Radiodiagnosticadvantage. Nuclear medicine tests differ from most other imaging modalities in that diagnostic tests primarily show the physiological function of the system being investigated as opposed to traditional anatomical imaging such as CT or MRI.

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Mazin Al Janabi -Nuclear Medicine is a medical speciality that uses the nuclear properties of radioactive elements in the diagnosis or therapy of diseases. The most visible component of this is in the use of gamma-ray emitting radioisotopes to produce images. There is also extensive use of in vitro diagnostic tests, and use of elements decaying with beta radiation producing higher radiation doses as therapeutic agents.

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Award winner: This movie received the AIPES Press and Media Award 2013! The movie on the astonishing effects of radiopeptides in cancer is freely available for educational purposes to students and patients. It explains the application of radiolabeled peptides for cancer therapy in nuclear medicine. After injection into the body the molecules bind to somatostatin receptors over-expressed on tumor cells, whereas normal cells have a much lower density or no receptors at all. Excellent results are being obtained in patients as also shown on the sans in the video.

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