Today: 01.Feb.2017

Zbigniew Jaworowoski, Bobby Scott, Ludwik Dobrzynski: “Chernobyl was indeed an historic event; it is the only nuclear power station disaster that ever resulted in an occupational death toll, albeit a comparatively small one. A vast environmental dispersion of radioactivity occurred that did not cause any scientifically confirmed fatalities in the general population. The worst harm to the population was caused not by radiation, and not to flesh, but to minds. Dr. Jaworowski was the Founding President of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy - Poland and took a firm position on "Climate Change."

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David R. Grimes,physicist and cancer researcher at Oxford University. Thirty years has passed since events in Chernobyl, while Japan marks the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. We need more than ever to have a reasoned discussion on the issues. It is important also to see these disasters in the wider context of energy production: when the Banqiao hydroelectric dam failed in China in 1975 it led to at least 171000 deaths and displaced 11 million people. Our reliance on fossil fuels is particularly costly, not only to the environment but to human health; each year, at least 1.3 million people are estimated to die from air pollution. Shutdown of the plants in Japan has led to not only increased pollution, but rolling blackouts and protests. By contrast, France has for decades produced 75% of its energy through nuclear, and enjoys the cleanest air and among the lowest carbon emissions of any industrialised nature.

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Book Brief: Alan Waltar, "AMERICA THE POWERLESS." This is an excellent book that is still in print. We encourage people everywhere to read it. There are four cases for nuclear power today:

1) countries going ahead with plentiful new nuclear power plants

2) countries operating nuclear power plants but not adding many more

3) countries getting out of nuclear power

4) countries that don't have nuclear power yet

Reading this book is important to people everywhere.

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Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom explains the science of low dose radiation and the disastrous consequences of existing radiation regulations.

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