Today: 18.Jan.2017

Alexander Merten, Lyu Chang - Rosatom, the Russian State Atomic Energy Corp, is seeking to hit big in China's nuclear industry with the opening of a regional center headquartered in Beijing - April 2016. The company is not only planning to build more new reactors with its long-standing partner China National Nuclear Corp, but is also expected to expand its business into "non-nuclear activities" such as agriculture, organic chemicals and nuclear medicine. What we are able to provide to our clients is a whole package deal from uranium enrichment, nuclear fuel assembly, construction of nuclear power plants to the fuel reprocessing, and I think that is not something that our rivals can provide.

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Kelvin Kemm, Rosatom, Nuclear Africa - Rosatom presented an nuclear power integrated solution for African countries. ROSATOM gave presentations on the corporation's integrated offer, nuclear education, construction of research reactors and establishment of nuclear technology centers. Similarly, ROSATOM offers its customers an integrated approach to construction of research reactors and establishment of research centers.

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South African reporter, Matthew le Cordeur, working for Channel Fin24 provides a written and video report of his visit to a Russian nuclear power station and nuclear power component manufacturing plant. Shortages of plentiful, reliable energy in certain parts of South Africa will be holding back economic development. The country is looking to Russia for a possible source of nuclear energy. Following South Africa will be other countries on the African Continent. Other leading countries' nuclear power plants are more expensive.

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