Today: 18.Jan.2017

Leslie Corrice, the author of The Hiroshima Syndrome website, first career of 21 years (in order) nuclear power plant operator, environmental monitoring technician, health physics design engineer, public relations spokesperson, public education coordinator and emergency planner. His second career was teaching science and math on the high school level. Now, he dedicates himself to The Hiroshima Syndrome website. After the Fukushima accident, his website was one of the most widely read about understanding the accident. He is dedicated to teaching people around the world about the benefits of nuclear energy, radioisotopes and low-dose radiation

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Jerry Cuttler - Cuttler & Associates, Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada explains the science of low dose radiation.

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Wade Allison - Radiation and Reason. Radiation is not a big threat to mankind, unlike socio-economic stability, population, water and food supplies. Everywhere, new fresh education is needed to explain radiation to more people in simple terms to remove the stigma.

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An Open Letter to Advisory Bodies regarding the disastrous consequences from the use of the LNT model at Fukushima Daiichi

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