Today: 31.Jan.2017

Nicole Jawerth with the International Atomic Energy Agency explains how nuclear technology with neutron probes can significantly help manage scarce water and improve crops for countries like Sudan. This is a tremendous help for women farmers.

World Nuclear Association - Summary of Small nuclear power plants with many applications for the past, present and future.

Published in Energy Tomorrow

Willis Eschenbach reports on a solar mirror - tower electric generating plant in Nevada that causes serious problems for birds and water usage. This was initially posted on:the website: Watts Up With That -

Ken Saro-Wiwa's life and death at the hands of Shell Oil and the dictatorship government in Nigeria in 1995 is not atypical. It is just well documented. The world needs to take oil out of the ground with more benefits for the people who live in the region and country and less crass enrichment for people in power. These horrible problems occur frequently with fossil fuels and much less frequently with mining uranium/thorium for nuclear power. We can't stop taking fossil fuels out of the ground. Correcting environmental and people related problems with extraction of oil and gas should be a top priority.