Today: 18.Jan.2017

World Council on Isotopes, website: has many interesting articles and conferences on isotopes, radioisotopes, and radiation. In this issue for April, 2016 focus is on Article (1) Radiation Applications: Looking to the Future by Alan Waltar and Article (2) Introduction to the ‘Act on the Promotion and Management of Non-Destructive Testing Technology’ of Rep. Korea by Tae Soon Son.

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Alan Waltar -¿Cómo sería nuestro mundo hoy si la radiación no hubiera sido empleada para servir nuestras necesidades humanas? Una manera de apreciar en algo a esta moderna servidora es pasar un día típico con nuestras antenas particularmente sensibilizadas a la conciencia del rol de la radiación.

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Alan Waltar - So what would our world be like today if radiation had not been harnessed to serve our human needs?

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The world is full of scientists, medical professionals and engineers who have made tremendous contributions to making the world a lot better AND explaining it to the public in an interesting way. Alan Waltar is one such person. Please take time to read each of the slides in this presentation. There is a lot we can learn.

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